Many police officers use Facebook as a starting point when looking for evidence. They can use photos that suspects have posted, as well as the Check In feature that shares the location. By doing so, they can obtain crucial evidence that can be used to solve or piece together crimes. Burglaries, kidnappings and murders have been solved using information from Facebook profiles, including well known investigations such as the murder of Jun Lin, as shown in the Don’t F*ck with Cats documentary.

Likewise, it can be used in the same way for criminals to find information. they are able to find out information about you. Searching Facebook is an easy way to find someone, with it being the largest social networking site in existence. Facebook allows users to display lots of information about themselves such as their birthday and where they live. You can search people using the main search bar at the top of the website, you can use filters to make the results more relevant as well. Whilst there are tools to hide personal information, many users fail to do so, and the information can still be found through the power of online media.

Whilst Facebook tools were used to help us in this case, you should be aware that this can be done with your information too! To protect your online privacy, you can change your Facebook settings to make everything private to only your friends. Remember though, things you post online may still be accessed and so it’s safer to not post personal information anyway!