“Tactical Buys” aims to highlight and exaggerate real established sales techniques used by online shops. These techniques promote a reaction from the user encouraging them to consume.

Through our website we chose to exhibit two established techniques; using sex and impulse to manipulate an audiences behaviour around a product.

Did you notice any patterns in your own behaviour as you explored the online shop in relation to its different categories? Perhaps you found that you spent more time scrolling through products on the category with over sexualised images and themes? Or maybe you have placed more items from the impulsive page with flashing gifs and reduced prices into your online basket?

The page labelled “products”, presents the items in a simple, and professional way with minimal distractions. The aim of this was to help gauge users reactions to the other two pages. Did this product page hold you attention for less time than the others?

According to research, consumers are more likely to add items to their basket if there is an opportunity to take advantage of price promotion. Providing an entertainment purpose is the following explanation as to why people add stuff to their cart, other than actually already having an intention to purchase the product.

Did you notice the “flash sale” page using these methods? Perhaps they encouraged you to add items to your own basket? Or maybe you are aware of these tactics and saw past them.

The “hot sale” web page took influence from research that explains how sex is used to sell as it attracts attention, with people being hard wired to notice sexually relevant information. Did you find the hypersexualised images attracting your attention making you curious?

Were you affected by these techniques? Or could you tell that our website was using and exaggerating these tactics to promote a response? Perhaps next time you are doing a bit of online shopping you may notice these tactics a little more..