McDonald’s Order-Screens tapped out – Millions Left Starving For Days


McDonald’s has been the subject of the latest Celerium attack, reducing millions of people to starvation as all food order screens seemingly show the coding of a shut-down orchestrated by the highly advanced A.I. It seems the now conscious A.I  “Celerium” is moving on to more vicious attacks, aimed to cause pain and suffering to mankind. In its current form with no physical body, it is hacking into food provision points making it impossible for people to order any premade food – forcing them to resort back to buying raw product from the once-booming supermarkets. These formally known ‘super’markets have become a thing of the past since cities expanse has made premade and delivered food a more rational form of food provision, so much so that an outbreak of salmonella is also wreaking havoc through the major cities due to peoples lost knowledge of how to cook chicken.

            When these McDonalds order screens were first introduced, the human servers were still in use allowing for any malfunctions in the system to be then met with human correction. However, since mankind has become more antisocial, the want for customers to speak to a human-being declined and thus businesses found them to be a loss of money – eradicating the human employees and spending the costs on further advancing the computer systems seemed like a brilliant idea until now.

            Many companies now fear that similar ordering systems that were implemented after the success of the interactive McDonalds touch screens will also be affected, and security measures are being taken to their extremes. Many CEO’s have called for underground coders to attempt to make their systems impossible to breach, however it seems the A.I. may be advancing its knowledge and adapting far quicker than humans can keep up with.

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