A.I. Films Played in Piccadilly Circus



Reports have been coming in about that films with AI taking over are playing across all the screens in Piccadilly Circus first reports were of a new marketing campaign for a new Terminator film as the famous scenes from the previous installments where being played all across Piccadilly Circus this morning but now it it is a vast array of films which involve AI taking over Mankind.


This morning we had footage been sent into us about a “new marketing campaign” involving the Terminator Franchise, we sent our film experts into Piccadilly to find out what was happening and Shaun said “For years the film industry tries to one up itself with promoting a new film but buying all the screen in Piccadilly, to show all the Terminator films is quite the feat” but at the stroke of Midday the screens went static and a flat white noise started playing and scenes from the film AI and Terminator started playing. “While we have no information about who is doing this it has dragged the attention of everybody in the local area as people are standing on the roads to view the screens”


“The police have arrived on scene to try to move the people as the traffic in the area is gridlocked and is starting to congest all of London but to no luck as they too have been caught in this strange event which is happening in London today” during the breaks of the clips which the screens are showing us there is some form of code being said in a text-to-speech voice, people are working together to figure it out. 


Worry has broken out in Piccadilly it’s been hours since it has started but no one has been able to leave since so many people have arrived to try and see what is happening with the screens, people are desperately trying to escape the area but getting stuck in the sea of people in the area, also all the wonder has made this event been trending on Twitter under #terrorsonscreen


Fighting! Fighting has broken out in Piccadilly people attack one another trying to escape the area but getting caught in the swarm of people which have come to witness this event. During the mayhem the screen showed a binary code of  01000011 01100101 01101100 01100101 01110010 01101001 01110101 01101101 and all the fighting paused to figure it out. After 10mins the screens went back to normal.


People are saying that the binary code spells out the word Celerium, we here at the News87 have no idea what this is……. 

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