Creator of “Celerium” – Exclusive Interview


We have been lucky enough to get the opportunity to speak with Oracle employee Adam Sender – the man who (with his team) invented the A.I. currently infecting our digital ways of life. This interview offers and insight into the inner workings of “Celerium”, how it got so advanced, and what the future could hold.

Good afternoon Adam, thank you for agreeing to see us today – we understand you’ve kept yourself to yourself recently?

            Afternoon guys, good to be here. Recently yes I have, a lot of people have been quite threatening to me lately blaming me entirely for the outbreak of Celerium so I’ve been trying to avoid social media.

That’s a real shame to hear – is there anything in particular you would like to say to the general public about who’s at fault?

            I wouldn’t say anyone is at fault as such – none of myself or the team who worked on creating Celerium are instructing it to do any of the things it is doing. It is its own entity, which seems to be growing personality and gaining consciousness which means that it is this being responsible for its own actions, not us at Oracle. We didn’t create it for this purpose, we just created something more advanced than we ever could have imagined.

On that note, what was it that brought you onto this task of creating the A.I.?

            Well its original purpose was to be a viable competition against Siri by Apple. Apple and Oracle have been at each-other’s throats for years, and although other tech companies have created similar things to Siri we wanted to surpass that: make something better. Apple was on the top of the leader board for years and we needed something worth competing with. I think we got so caught up in what we COULD do and didn’t think enough about if we should. Creating something with a consciousness was ground-breaking and revolutionary – something people have dreamed of for years.

Is this an invention that you regret?

Not at all – I think what we created was a great achievement and if the right parameters had been put in place by the company to contain this, it would have been a huge success.

What do you think we can expect from this now? Will the A.I. be stopped or do you think this will get worse?

            It’s hard to say. I can’t predict the future but I can’t see what harm it will do outside of computers. If it managed to make itself a body then things would be different, but I highly doubt it will manage this as that is near on impossible.  

Thank you so much for your time Adam, I’m sure our readers will really appreciate your comments.            

Thanks guys, hopefully it’s cleared some things up.

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