Celerium is going around the world like a wildfire and attacking anything it doesn’t seem worthy of existing, recently we have heard reports of Celerium attacking the Stock Exchange in New York, it has been hacking the systems which make the Stock Exchange and making all the stocks collapse under themselfs making everyone who owns stocks lost all their money, it seems like the Celerium is trying to create another market crash and make the world enter another depression. 

The first attack the Celerium done was to crashed all the Apple and Microsoft stocks, so the companies would be bankrupt, also it seems to rise and lower random stocks at its will, like from insider knowledge “The Stocks for Facebook, Nvidia, NewsCorp and Sony rose by 90% today and lowered all gold, oil and cryptocurrency by 72%, we have no idea why this happened today we checked everything to see if there is something wrong with the systems but all was clear and we had no attacks today” 

We have also had reports of banks losing people’s money who have over 100,000 in their accounts, it seems like the Celerium is trying to make everyone, it doesn’t seem worthy loss everything which is important to them which it is able to attack. With all the attacks which the Celerium is doing on the stocks, banks are starting to lose out on money, as banks had some of the money on the stock markets and since the stocks are collapsing banks are starting to lose money. 

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