Self-Driving Cars Drive People To Their Deaths


Self driving cars are becoming deadly as they are seen driving people to their deaths. 

Late last night chaos erupted as hundreds of people using these cars appeared terrified as they completely lost control of their cars as they started speeding into rivers, off the side of the road and even other cars, causing mass panic on the roads.  

Experiments and discussions involving self driving cars have been going on since the 1920’s, however they have only very recently become popular. With the most popular  car with the self driving feature being the Tesla Model S. As of September 2018, the Model S, with global sales of 250,000 units, ranks as the world’s second best selling plug-in electric car in history. 

    Right now there have been 77 deaths reported and hundreds more injured. We spoke with one survivor who was in a tesla Model S when it took control. She told us; ‘It was absolutely terrifying. Everything was normal, we had the car on the automatic setting which we have been on many times before and never had any issues, when all of a sudden we accelerated at a massive speed and we could not stop the car. It completely took control, it was the scariest moment of my life. It was like the car was possessed. I am just glad I am alive and I can talk about this incident as I know a  lot of others are not.’ Molly Jones was in the car with her friend when the tesla model S took control and after accelerating for around 5 seconds, drove her into a barrier on the side of the road. There is also some reports coming in from other witnesses of these terrifying incidents that when the car crashed and the passengers started to panic and try and get out of the car, the car started up again and tried to crash again. This brings the question are these cars purposefully set up to kill? Or was this whole thing just a coincidence? 

The questions which are now being asked are why and how did this happen. Tesla  and other makers of self driving cars are yet to comment on the terrifying incidents that took place last night. These incidents were all reported between 9.32pm until 11.45pm. It is still unknown how many people have been injured and killed however medics are still on the scene and the roads will remain closed for some time. Warnings say if you do own a self driving car do not near it and especially do not try and drive the cars. It could end up deadly, just like it did for so many people last night. 

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