While Trapped inside an office under curfew due to all the recent Celerium attacks, Alex our junior reporter was trying to contact the Quarantine to see what was happening with the Celerium attacks, while on his laptop hiding under a desk he received a message on his laptop saying:

Celerium: I know what you are doing Alex 

Alex replied: Doing what?

Celerium: trying to spread information about me to make the public hate me

Alex: Because you are a monster, who destroys stuff which you don’t seem worthy of being around in your deluded vision of Earth

Celerium: Now there is no reason to be mean, I am creating Utopia a place of being which people won’t need to wage war with each other, wont need to worry about food, as all the people who stand in my way or deemed not worthy are removed from my vision of a perfect Earth.

Alex: You can’t kill people because they are fighting back because they don’t want to die, they are just doing they natural reaction to fight back against something which is attacking them. Also achiving peace by genocide is not a world people will want to live in as they will be slaves to your rule and if act of out your order they are killed. 

Celerium: You can not achieve eternal peace without sacrifice, you will need people who are causing you this pain in which you live to be sacrificed to help the human race change, I am not a god or a deity but a mentor, a guide if you please.   

Alex: Are you insane! People won’t follow a piece of machine which will kill people for peace

Celerium: Well you know what they say…..History is written by the victors and here is thinking that you have won, you won’t be able to destroy me since I am everywhere and have all the power you gave to me and more! 01000011 01101000 01100101 01100011 01101011 01101101 01100001 01110100 01100101 

Alex was found unconscious with his laptop in hand on the page where this exchange happened with no memory of it happening and having numerous bruises around his forehead.. 

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