Riots in Curry’s PC World


Panic is rising as the riots that  broke out in PC world a couple of hours ago are getting more and more intense by the minute. The riots broke out after millions of people are claiming that they are ‘being watched’ by the devices in their home which they brought from Currys PC world. The riots all started on social media with the hashtag  #stopspying and #Curryslistening which was all aimed at the electrical retailer Currys PC World. As more and more people realised they might of been being watched by the devices bought in Currys PC world more and more people joined the hashtag and self named ‘revolution’ soon after this hashtag started it quickly became viral within only a couple of hours because of the realisation of what was happening with their devices. There is then an uproar about getting answers. As more and more people jumped on the hashtag a plan formed about storming the stores across the UK. Around an hour later across 295 megastores and 73 high street shops, thousands and thousands of people charged to the currys PC stores and demanded answers to why they were being listened to and watched. It started of relatively calm  but soon got confrontational as workers at the store could not give answers. The store’s then needed to close after 2 hours of angry customers rioting outside and inside the store and as more and more people are joining it is getting more and more out of control. 

We have been able to speak to a worker at Currys PC World, John West who has commented ‘our appliances are not watching, listening, or spying on anyone. These riots are  out of control and need to stop, we have even had to close some of our stores. We urge our customers not to believe everything you see or hear about on social media’.  

We were also able to speak to an angry protester outside one of the many Currys PC Worlds stores that there have been many riots outside of. Mary Walker told us ‘we just want answers on  why our electronics that we brought from the stores know information about us that we have never old them. If they are not going to give us any answers we will try and riot so much that they cannot open their stores and sell more products that are just going to spy on more people. Currently the riots show no sign of slowing down with the hashtag still trending on twitter and thousands of people still joining in what people are calling the ‘technology war’ 

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