Health Risks of Augmentation


Is the way forward artificial intelligence augmentation? It has been revealed that in the near future ‘The Celerium’ will be able to operate on humans, Oracle released a statement to the world in a live speech. The spokesman for Oracle said, ‘Why put human life in danger by using natural intelligence when we can use artificial intelligence and get a 100% success rate over all the different procedures.  Oracle has given The Celerium the opportunity to take this an extra step further. The Celerium will now be able to perform robotic reconstruction on humans. For example, if a human breaks its bone, instead of waiting for it to heal, The Celerium will now be replacing the bone with an artificial bone that The Celerium can control so it will always work.’ Many things about this statement immediately concerned the public, the first being the fact that The Celerium are starting to replace doctors and surgeons jobs and makes us wonder, what jobs will they take next? How long will it be before The Celerium takes over all human jobs? Another major concern people have is the fact that The Celerium will be in control of parts of our body and who knows what else they’ll do when we’re unconscious completely at their mercy? One viewer called in to tell us, ‘I work as a surgeon and when this happens The Celerium will swarm the hospitals where I work and I will be completely useless. I had a meeting with my boss this morning to confirm we would all be out of jobs.’ 

People are now speculating that The Celerium are now in control of Oracle and are forcing them to allow this to happen. There isn’t evidence to support this yet but 75% of viewers that called in expressed these opinions. One viewer called in to say, ‘Let The Celerium take our jobs, they are much more intelligent than us and we may as well put them to good use, they’re still serving us anyway. These conspiracy theories are rubbish.’

Artificial augmentation would be a major change in our society today and brings up a lot of problems. So why are Oracle allowing this to happen? Is it because they are powerless to The Celeriums wishes? Or do they just want their product to take over the world?

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