Information About Anxiety & Depression.

When in need please call either depending on your level of urgency: Samaritans: 116 123 | NHS: 111 | Emergency Services: 999


What is anxiety?

Anxiety is our body’s natural response to stress. It is a state of fear or apprehension about what’s to come. Anxiety can impact people in different ways and it is different from one person to another.

There are different types of anxiety and here are a few of them with a brief description…

Panic disorder: experiencing frequent panic attacks at unexpected times. A person with a panic disorder may live in fear of the next panic attack.

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD): anxiety following a traumatic event.

Social anxiety disorder: which is an extreme fear of being judged by others in social situations/events.

Why does it happen?

Researchers are not sure of the exact cause of anxiety. But, it’s likely a combination of factors that play a role. These may include genetic and environmental factors, as well as brain chemistry.


What is depression?

Depression is a mood disorder that causes a continues feeling of sadness and loss of interest. It t is more than simply just feeling unhappy or fed up for few days it is a persistent feeling. Some people may think that depression is not a medical condition, however it is a mental illness and just like a physical illness it could effect your everyday life.

Depression affects people in different ways and has a variety of symptoms. Here are a few common symptoms of depression…


Loss of interest of something you used to enjoy

Feeling tearful


Finding it hard to concentrate

Loss of appetite

Low sex drive

Various aches and pains

What causes depression?

There are various reasons that causes depression to occur. It could be life changing events such as bereavement, losing your job, traumatic life event or giving birth. However, sometimes depression occurs for no obvious reason.

The emergency numbers we advise to call:

Samaritans 116 123

People contact Samaritans with all sorts of concerns and what might be a small issue to you may be huge to someone else. You could be going through something new or have been struggling to cope for some time, either way, we’re here if you feel you need some extra support.

NHS 111

NHS 111 can help if you have an urgent medical problem and you’re not sure what to do.

Emergency Services 999

Call 999 strictly for an emergency. This is when someone is seriously ill or injured and their life is at risk.